A New Way of Learning!

Dr. A. Wayne Jones |

Wisdom Institute Education District (WIED) |


    WIED Provides dynamic genius
    awakening curricula and learning
    enrichment in a highly stimulating
    learning environment that addresses
    the total person for students from Pre-
    K to college/adult level. The Learning
    Enrichment and Personal
    Development (LEPD) program
    enables every student upon
    completion of the nine-month program
    to function at one to three grade levels
    above par in one or more subject

Whether your student is struggling or precocious the LEPD Program will enhance
his/her performance and conceptual understanding of ALL academic disciplines
and subjects. S/he will understand his/her unique learning and genius style. Did
you know that each child has a unique Genius Style?  There are seven such styles.
Each defines both the URGE that motivates your student to learn and the
APPROACH s/he uses to learn. The LEPD Program awakens your student into
his/her natural genius.

Remember our children are not remedial, rather they are remarkable!

Your student will gain an accurate history of his/her heritage and a dynamic
independent constructive sense of self. Equipped to perform in the top percentiles
of any academic setting, they will know who they are and where they are going.

Pre-K, elementary, junior high, senior high, and college level and adults alike the
Learning Enrichment and Personal Development Program addresses the whole
person – from thinking to nutrition – enabling them to function at peak proficiency
in each of the five levels of human knowledge/experience and learning ability.

Flip the switch to your student’s genius!
Call now for more information 314.781.7781.


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