Mission – EOH

WOLEC missions serves to reach the greater metropolitan St. Louis Region and beyond to national and international communities through counseling, mentoring, resources outreach, campus and prison ministries. High among our mission priorities is the restoration and empowerment of young men, fathers, and boys.

Counseling sessions are conducted in both individual and group settings, the foundation of which is “relationship with the divine and stewardship in society.” We have learned through more than 30 years of Christian counseling that all forms of human addiction, aggression, and depression are the result of the absence of a sense of meaning and purpose of life. Such a meaning and purpose of life that transcends mortal experience is alone capable of living above circumstances. Mentoring outreach includes students, professionals, and those in Christian service commitments.

Resources outreach seeks to enhance the living conditions of families experiencing emergency circumstances and in follow up empower them to become consistently self-sufficient. Prison ministry involves outreach and ministry to juveniles, ex- offenders, and the incarcerated. WOLEC special programs and seminars address the issues of neglected males and fathers. Some of the issues addressed are: What is manhood? How does a single father make a difference in the life is child?

 Transforming unemployment into entrepreneurial opportunities, and What is the role of a man in God’s plan? Some of the questions explored are what are the essential distinctions between men and women, and why? Our purpose is to build strong families and communities. Music form the Play I Never Heard” “Peace of Christ Children and Adult Learning Center 12:00 p.m. Ministry of the Word 1:30 p.m.

Service Location: 6161 Howdershell, Hazelwood, MO 63042

Services Begins at 1:30 p.m.

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